Mr. Matsuda of ASA Tateyama came to visit Minami Izu!

Mr. Matsuda, who is a newspaper distributor called ASA Tateyama (to the right in the picture) in Chiba came to Minami Izu where the beach money office is located.

Matsuda-san is a surfer and he was there to snorkel at Hirizo beach in Miami Izu.

He knew about our activities throughout the articles of an outdoor magazine BE-PAL and immediately joined us as a beach money shop.

What you can exchange with the beach money is paper log made with recycled newspapers and/or ecological pencils.

Make the local beaches clean, find the beach glasses and take them to ASA Tateyama and receive the recycled items.  It is such a great story, isn’t it?

Thanks to Matsuda-san’s influence a store called Tanaka Soichiro Store joined our activities. He is working locally and variously in order the beach money can be used at the local events.

Beach money activities are gradually increasing nation wide in Japan like this and it is just grateful.

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