Beach money became the theme of free research during the summer vacation!

News related to the beach money Had a call from the mother of 5th grade in Izu Peninsula contacted us to ask about the beach money as her son is doing research for his assignment during the summer vacation.

We emailed each other several times and received the result. Having her approval I would like to share the article.

First of all, I like the title. It’s “The journey of Sea Glass.”

Checked current, separated with color, and even guessed their original shapes. He also closed the research saying that “I would like to pick up thrushes to make the beach clean but would like to have the beach glasses remained, which is a bit complexed feeling.” I liked his comment very much as it is honest from kids’s heart.

Taking a look at the photos, Tiddlywinks, the sea ball(the one glass ball was grazed), 2 mixed colors, he was collecting. I assume he is a good beach calmer.

With this opportunity I would like him love the ocean even more and become unique primary school student to solve the issue of the garbage of the sea.

We, beach money office will fully support any free research of the summer vacation so everyone is welcome anytime!

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