April 23rd, 2018 Uminowa event, beach glass competition!

On Sunday April 8th,collaborating with Tsujido local market, we had Uminowa vol.4.

The day was super fine and had so many people. (According to the park, it was 5,000 people! ) Made me think wow! Way to go Shonan!

All the 8 work shops had been so popular all day and said “it was so busy like we did not have time to eat or drink” ^^. Truly grateful.

Uminowa, as usual, we started with beach cleaning. The beach was pretty clean on that day and couldn’t find much of trash.
It is thanks to the local surfers who are cleaning the beach on daily basis.(Slightly touched the activity of local surfers.)

After that, inviting 2 tutors, we had demonstrations on “small things in your daily life can save water and washing liquid!”

They showed us some concrete methods of how to clean dirty dishes scribbled with lipstick and oily ink by comparing general washing liquids and the “All things in nature”, which is the major sponsor of beach money.
Before start washing, we should pre-wash grease by spraying 15 times diluted All things in nature and by wiping it with newspapers.

The most important message is that we have a imagination that our drain is connected to the sea eventually.

It is a wrong idea that the drain will be treated at the sewage plant anyway, so who cares.

The teachers told us that small things like washing dishes lightly first prevent oils from draining into the water.

Do whatever you can do at home. This is the key message of Uminowa.

It is important to clean the beach, and also,is important to imagine that the visible and invisible trashes floated to the beach could be from us, and then think, search what we can do.

We have been hoping to be the trigger for you to think about the life to live with the ocean and continued our activity; Uminowa is the event to express our such thoughts and it’s 4th anniversary.

Lastly the result of the beach glass competition.It is 10th anniversary and the prize was awesome!

The decoration of Uminowa logo made with 9+1 beach glasses.

Person who made the decoration is Mr.Tachikawa the manager of accessory shop called LCF located 10 minutes away from Ohokayama station.

Every time I see the prize, I wish I could have it for myself…..

The winner was Mr.Hasegawa, who has tried 4 times in the past and finally won this time.

He researched my taste and “This must be what the beach glass officer(me) likes for sure!” (the officer/judge is just me though) and it was fluorescent yellowish beigoma with slight uranium glass.

Even more, it was in a perfect shape and still worked as a tap. Not to mention, it was a true beach glass.

In many meanings, it was a great entry!

“Kim chin” from Ganko Hompo, who is a advisor of beach money office and the producer of beach money
also joined the event so we had such a fun day. Myself and Kim chin put the same T shirt on.

At the end of the day, we had the game of rock paper and scissors for like 5 times and its winners received scallions from Niconico farm, fish shaped cookies from Muginami bakery, kids T from shop my crewAll things in nature liquid wash bottle and its refill, and the tin beach glass can from beach money office.

The supporters who have been supportive for us, thank you always.

Through the Uminowa event, we would like to introduce the beach money activities nationwide and tips we can do daily related to our ocean at the same time.

See you again somewhere at the same time of the year!

We appreciate if you keep rendering your support on the beach money.

Thank you!

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